Excellent design system
for modern user interface design used by developers & designers.

Customizable and accessible design system which provides TailwindCSS component class name library to build modern UI.

Why choose us ?

Where you all wants here !

Components Collection
Lots of components for all your website needs that meet accessibility criteria.
Support Most Frameworks
With our Tailwindcss plugin that are also compatible with React & Vue and ANY other frameworks compatible with Tailwind CSS.
Themes & Dark mode
Customizable themes that lets you style your site differently even dark mode is enabled.

Base on Tailwind CSS, But over Tailwind CSS

Reusable components built on top of Tailwind CSS that includes pre-defined styles, Sira just take you out of your classes loop hell.

<button class="btn success solid w-fit">Click me</button>
class="cursor-pointer bg-green-500 hover:bg-green-600 text-white py-2 px-4 rounded-lg shadow-lg"
Click me

Use sira components instead of loooong 🤮 tailwind classes

<input class="input outline success w-96" placeholder="hello world" />
class="background-transparent border-green-500 text-green-600 rounded-xl w-96 h-10 px-3 py-2"
placeholder="hello world"

Your theme, whatever you want

Switch multiple themes based on root element attributes, support light/dark mode, and Sira always knows what you want.

Click to switch theme to see what happened 👇

Sira liberates designers and developers, releases your productivity 💪